Your First Visit

At our clinic, we stress the importance of maintaining great oral health and a beautiful smile. Regular dental cleanings and examinations provide effective prevention and detection of oral health issues. At your cleaning and examination appointment our Dentists will check every detail of your oral health. We use the findings of your dental exam to craft a detailed dental care plan to provide personalized oral health care therefore becoming partners in your oral health.

What will we check in your dental examination ?

  • Damaged, decaying or missing teeth
  • Signs of Cavities
  • Condition of your gums, we will check for inflammation and signs of gum disease
  • We will also check for signs of oral cancer and other suspect growths or cysts
  • Signs of bruxism and teeth grinding
  • We will also check for unusual bleeding or inflammation
  • Condition of the jaw bone and other facial bones surrounding the mouth
  • Radiographs will be taken to assess your oral health for things we cannot see from the outside.  

Looking for a dentist in Lethbridge?

Call us today at 403-328-1953 to schedule your first appointment and we will become partners in your oral health!

Dr. Wong and her team strive to provide the best of dental care for her patients so they can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.  By starting with an examination and review of your oral health we can recommend services as well as create a thorough dental care plan which will get your brilliant smile looking and feeling at its best.