Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums. If you are missing some or all of your teeth, dentures may be a solution to provide you with better functionality in chewing and overall healthier appearance.  There are 2 types of dentures: partial and complete.

Partial Dentures :

Partial dentures are also called “removable partial denture prostheses” or “partials.”  It takes an experienced dentist to determine which of the natural teeth will be able to support and retain the partial denture that is fabricated by a laboratory.  Radiographs will be needed to aid in determining the design of the partial.

Complete Dentures :

Complete dentures are used when all your natural teeth are missing. Complete dentures are removable as they are held in place by suction.  In many cases, a complete lower denture does not have as much retention due to the visibly less surface area that the denture rests on.  If this is an issue, retention can be greatly improved with the use of implants.

Relines :

Your Complete and Partial Dentures are a removable prostheses and overtime may not fit like it did after your initial placement.  This is due primarily to the physical changes that happen in your mouth over time. In these cases, a reline maybe required to get that fit back.  Most relines can be done the same day as your appointment after an initial assessment.  Please feel free to contact our office if you feel a reline maybe required.

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Dr. Wong and her team have restored the smile to many of her patients with the use of dentures. With over 25 years of experience in this area, you can be assured that she will be able to provide you with a custom fitted denture.