Fillings and Restorations

We provide either option of white (composite resin) or silver (amalgam) fillings to our patients. We may recommend one over the other for reasons of strength, longevity, or appearance, but the choice is always yours.

New !

White Spot Lesion Removal

Many people feel apprehensive about showing off their smile due to visible “white spots” on their anterior teeth.  These spots may have resulted from orthodontic brackets, mild fluorosis or tetracycline.  Our office is please to offer a new non-invasive solution to reducing the appearance the “white spot” discoloration on your teeth.  Come and talk to us about wiping away those spots from your brilliant smile.

NEW to Canada !

Silver Diamine Fluoride

This product is a silver-containing liquid that helps destroy specific bacteria that cause cavities. It can even stop small cavities from growing. It is painted on the teeth, with no discomfort! This new product is especially beneficial for pediatric and geriatric patients that are prone to getting cavities.  We are excited to offer this new procedure for you.